Duckling Class (Nursery and Reception)

What do Ofsted think?

Welcome to Duckling Class, this is our ethos.....


In the Early Years at Grasmere Academy we follow the EYFS guidance and principles as set out in the Statutory framework for the Foundation Stage.


We respond to children’s individual needs to ensure that each child reaches their full potential. We actively encourage the involvement of parents/carers in their children’s learning and organise a variety of opportunities over the year for parents to support and engage in their child’s learning journey.


We provide a well planned, exciting environment which supports children in their learning and encourages them to become independent and successful.


Our early year team are all skilled, committed practitioners who use their strengths and enthusiasm to create a purposeful, caring, supportive environment for all children to learn, feel safe and reach their full potential.

Spring Term Project 2020 -
Can anyone be a Hero?
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Medium Term Planning

Duckling Class is a welcoming and creative classroom, there is always a friendly and productive atmosphere whereby the children are able to enjoy their leaning through a mixture of child-initiated activities and adult lead tasks.  We aim to give the children an exciting and practical curriculum that centres around their interests and broadens their experiences. Our environment offers a wide range of materials and activities, chosen to cover all areas of children's learning.  Through an enabling environment the staff in EYFS are able to provide a stimulating and inviting space for children to learn. We cover a different area of learning each day to ensure all areas of learning are given a high priority.

Welcome back and happy new year to all of our Nursery and
Reception children and their families! We welcome some new starters
to Early Years this term, we are looking forward to getting to know
our new Nursery and Little Explorer children.
Our new topic for this term is all about Super Heroes! We will start the
term with a super hero training camp with lots of fun activities for the
children to practise their hero skills. Our Nursery and Reception class
have had a move around this term. Nursery will be exploring numbers
to ten, 2D shapes and using Number games to help build on
mathematical knowledge. We will be practising recognising and
writing our own names. We will be practising our fine motor skills,
using tweezers, drawing tools and scissors.
Reception will be continuing their phonics lessons daily and we will
start to incorporate more writing into these sessions, working on
simple sentence structures. In Maths, we will be working on our
number sense with numbers beyond ten, working with maths
problems such as addition and subtraction. Both Nursery and
Reception will be exploring measuring weight, length and capacity.
We are looking forward to exploring all things Super heroes and
earning our hero status!

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