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Year 1/2 - Badgers

Teacher - Mrs Waters
Teaching assistants:
Mrs Okukpolar

Twitter - @GABadgers

Welcome to Badger class.  

How did we travel to 2022?


Summary of the project: This term we will focus our curiosity on learning about the history of  transport and the significant people involved, from inventors to pilots. We will investigate George Stephenson, Amelia Earhart, The Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong. We will travel through time exploring how transport has changed our lives. Books will play a huge part in our learning and the children will be able to explore these together throughout each day. The children will be visiting The George Stephenson Railway Museum, walking to Diall Cottage and taking part in traffic surveys to enhance their learning. We will explore the differing needs for transport and how it has improved over the years. We will also touch upon the detrimental effect transport has on our planet. 

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