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School Leadership Roles 

At Grasmere Academy, we believe that pupil voice is an important part of our whole school decision making.  At Grasmere we believe that everyone is a leader, staff and children!  We have created leadership roles and responsibilities in our school so that children can experience these key skills.  

The Leadership roles include:

  • School Parliament - Children are nominated using the rule of debate and democracy to nominate someone from their class to represent them at 'parliament'.  The school parliament have the responsibility to meet with Governors of the school to present business and spend plans in order to implement change in the school.

  • Grasmere Guardians - This is at the heart of our community, our Guardians are chosen to showcase exemplary behaviour, but more importantly qualities like kindness and care, especially to our younger children.

  • Reading Ambassadors - A key role in school, our Ambassadors read regularly with children.  Sometimes this may be a book that their teacher has chosen for them to share, other times is just simply for pleasure!

  • Sports Leaders - Active leaders are essential here.  Our Sports leaders liaise with our PE lead in school to ensure that we remain active and sporty throughout the school day.  They are responsible for organising games and setting good examples to others.

If you are interested in finding out more, just ask to speak to one of our School Leadership Team!


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