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Behaviour and Achievement  Policy 

Rational and Purpose

Grasmere Academy has a consistently positive approach to classroom management and celebration of achievement as we feel this is the most effective way of approaching any behaviour management system.  We firmly believe that the encouragement of high standards of behaviour is crucial in the development of a positive and successful learning environment.  We believe that high expectations of good behaviour will ensure the smooth running of the school, and create a safe environment in which to work and learn.


  • To provide a welcoming safe and secure environment in which there are high behavioural expectations

  • To achieve a consistent approach to behaviour management throughout the school

  • To promote moral values and acceptable codes of behaviour

Our Expectations 

We require children in our school to:

  • Wear correct school uniform at all times, including sensible footwear 

  • Have the correct PE kit in school at all times

  • Have appropriate, sensible hairstyles

  • Adhere to the school rules ' Ready, Safe , Respectful'

Please click on the button below to view our Behaviour and Achievement Policy. This will provide you with details of the approaches taken including rewards and sanctions.


Class Dojo Points and the Dojo Shop!

We have individual class Dojo's that can be collected for whenever the chidlren show good examples of modelling our behaviour policy. As the collect the points up, they can spend these at the Dojo shop. 

Dojo Shop prizes


Pen or Pencil


Key ring


Bouncy ball


Ball or hoop


Bubble wand


Emoji bag

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