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Early Years - Ducklings

Teacher - Mrs Callan
Teaching assistants - Mrs Rose, Miss Holmes and Miss Taylor

Twitter - @grasmere_EYFS

Welcome to Duckling Class, this is our ethos.....


In the Early Years at Grasmere Academy we follow the EYFS guidance and principles as set out in the Statutory framework for the Foundation Stage.


We respond to children’s individual needs to ensure that each child reaches their full potential. We actively encourage the involvement of parents/carers in their children’s learning and organise a variety of opportunities over the year for parents to support and engage in their child’s learning journey.


We provide a well planned, exciting environment which supports children in their learning and encourages them to become independent and successful.


Our early year team are all skilled, committed practitioners who use their strengths and enthusiasm to create a purposeful, caring, supportive environment for all children to learn, feel safe and reach their full potential.

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