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French Curriculum

French Curriculum Vision: 

At Grasmere Academy, our approach to learning a new language will inspire children to have a positive attitude and respect for foreign languages and an interest in different cultures.  Children will have the basic knowledge of French, which will enable them to progress in Secondary school.


Children will learn French in KS2, following ‘Language Angels’.  In Early Years and KS1, children will have an introduction to Modern Foreign Languages through exploring other languages where appropriate.


Stimulating lessons will cover a range of themes, including numbers, greetings, colours, food, animals and weather. They will begin to develop communication skills, embedding those of listening, speaking, reading and writing through regular French lessons.

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The Impact of our Curriculum: As a result of being exposed to a new language, our children will be able to gain confidence in learning a new skill and share this each other and family members!  A deep dive into the french language will allow our children to explore another country and its culture in depth.

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