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PE and Sport Curriculum

PE and Sport Curriculum Vision: 

At Grasmere Academy we have developed a PE curriculum that aims to challenge, motivate and enthuse children to live a healthy lifestyle.  Our curriculum is ambitious, broad, balanced and tailored to the children at Grasmere Academy. It has been coherently planned and sequenced to ensure progression across skills.  We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness, whilst boosting self-confidence, self-esteem and supporting the development of social skills; encouraging all children to become successful, lifelong learners. We are aware that research has shown a direct link between children’s physical and mental health and therefore we aim to provide experiences that will inspire pupils to not only develop physically but ensure mental wellbeing and a desire to succeed.

The Impact of our Curriculum: By the end of a child's Physical educational journey at Grasmere children will have developed good physical literacy and will have knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such fair play, respect and social skills such as teamwork and communication.   They will understand that participation in sport and physical activity can help to reduce the risk of heart failure; improve physical fitness; help with weight management; promote good health; instil self- discipline; develop skill; improve self- confidence; reduce stress and will have developed  lifelong learning skills.

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