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History Curriculum

History Curriculum Vision:

At Grasmere we aim to inspire children to actively explore different periods of time as well as cultures, in order to gain a deeper understanding of how life ‘today’ came about. Staff will enthusiastically teach the children the skills required to be a curious historian; how to gather and research information, as well as how to question authenticity, perspective and reliability of a multitude of sources, how to explain using subject specific vocabulary, how to ask impactful questions and further develop deeper thinking. We believe that educational visits and field trips, visitors and primary sources linked to historical study enhances and enthuses pupils' curiosity by bringing to life classroom knowledge within our project learning.

The Impact of our Curriculum: By the end of a child's historical journey at Grasmere,  we believe that every child will have an increased confidence and understanding of historical facts as well as an understanding of its influence on our day to day lives. We believe that the skills that the pupils have acquired to research, understand and reason will help them to develop an enquiring mind about the world around them with the ability to problem solve and understand the effect that certain events have on the wider community and the world beyond.

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