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Erasmus+ Project 

November 2015-March 2018

                I Know what I want to be!

We took Bernard the Badger from Grasmere Badger Class for an exciting adventure!

The staff and pupils gave us a huge welcome!


Our FABULOUS Erasmus+ Project funded by the British Council will provide lots of exciting opportunities for Grasmere Academy until March 2018!


Through teaching and links with Denmark, Italy, Romania, Finland, Wales, Turkey and Latvia pupils will learn to 

think about their potential and abilities, become responsible citizens and take responsibility to make our societies work efficiently.

Miss Judson and Miss WInship visited Eggeslevmagle Skole, Skælskør, Denmark in November 2015.



The outdoor areas were amazing, the school staff build this shipwreck!

Skælskør a small pretty town, we travelled from Newcastle to London Heathrow, the to Copenhagen and then a two hour journey by road.

They had lots of after school clubs, this was one where a fire was lit and the pupils made soup, cooked it over the fire and then had it as a snack!

Testing the law of gravity using slow motion technology!

We visited the seaside, it was very cold!

We were in the local newspaper!

We visited Copenhagen, it was very beautiful!

Our first task was to launch a logo competition in every school and choose one winner. Cole Callaghan Y5 was Grasmere Academy's winning logo!

The guards were protecting the Royal Palace.

This was Cole's winning design! Now each country must vote for the overall winner. This logo will appear throughout the entire project! 

We visited the Little Mermaid and then read the story in assembly when we arrived back at Grasmere. It's quite a sad story and not like the Disney version!

Miss Judson and Mrs Angus visit Finland! This is what happened........

Miss Winship, Mrs McIvor and four of our pupils had a fantastic trip to Italy in May 2017!
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