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Literacy, Reading and Phonics at Grasmere


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Policies and Guidance on our approach to Early Reading


Vocabulary, Grammar

and Spellings

Key Spellings

Phonics at Grasmere Academy


Phonics teaching at Grasmere is extremely effective and ensures children of all abilities make good progress from their starting point.  The Phonics Lead has worked carefully alongside the Local Authority specialist phonics teacher to develop the teaching and learning of Phonics at Grasmere Academy.  Our phonics teaching and learning in based on a combination on two phonic schemes:


  • Letters & Sounds

  • Read, Write, Ink


Teachers and Teaching Assistants use the best aspects of both schemes to plan work specific to their group of children.

Sessions are carefully planned to ensure that they are consistent, interactive and no learning opportunities are missed.  Children are placed into phonics groups according to their stage of learning.  Half termly assessments are carried out to look carefully at the progress of every child and intervention is put in place quickly for children who require extra support.


In Foundation Stage the staff offer ‘Learn Like Me’ sessions based on reading, phonic and writing skills for the parents.  In this session parents can observe phonics being taught in school.  Teachers in Key Stage 1 invite parents to specific phonics meetings in order to support phonics home learning and give information on the Year 1 phonics check.  Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 will also receive phonics based homework and spellings.


Literacy at Grasmere


Reading, writing, speaking and listening are skills for life. It is through language that we explore, organise and make sense of our experiences. The way children understand and use language is crucial to their social, emotional and academic development.  At Grasmere, we aim to catch children's enthusiasm, engage their curiosity and use it in their understanding of the English language.   English is developed both across the curriculum and as a subject in its own right, ensuring there is opportunity to demonstrate high levels of literacy across all subjects.  


At Grasmere we aim to instill a love of reading in all children.  All classes have a Library ticket and we aim to take the children to the local Library half termly.  We run many reading and writing events across the year to encourage parental involvement.  These include reading picnics, National Nursery Rhyme week, reading challenge and parent helpers. 

 In Foundation Stage children are introduced to a wide variety of texts during story times, Talk for Writing sessions and through weekly home readers.   We aim to bring stories to life through the use of actions, noises and music.  Children are supported in their story comprehension and language skills through the delivery of BLAST and Narrative interventions.   Talk for Writing continues into Key Stage One alongside the introduction of inference sessions and guided reading.


In key Stage 2 children are encouraged to become more independent in their reading.  We appoint reading ambassadors yearly.  It is the ambassadors job to look after the school library, encourage reading and support reading with their younger peers.  

Teaching Sequence