What our Pupils Say!
'I know that someone is always looking out for me'.
'Everything about school is good!'
'I feel great in class!'
'I love learning new things!'
'There is always someone there to help'.

Helen Winship


What OFSTED Say: Sept 2017

Disadvantaged pupils and the many pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, including those who attend the additional resource provision (ARP), achieve well. This is because of the high-quality teaching, targeted support and pastoral care.

Pupils thrive in this caring, inclusive and welcoming school. They behave well and are kind and caring to one another.

Good quality teaching and, where needed, targeted small group work or one to one activities ensure that disadvantaged pupils achieve as well as their peers. 

Special educational needs funding is used judiciously to make sure all pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are provided with carefully planned work and support to help them achieve well. Pupils in the ARP work in small groups during the morning and are fully included in all the school has to offer.

Teaching assistants are well deployed and know what they need to do with each of their groups. Staff use very carefully designed small group activities for literacy and mathematics every morning, to ensure that pupils who are at risk of underachieving or who have specific difficulties in their learning are able to catch up with their peers and achieve as well as others.

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. The school’s high-quality and sensitive pastoral care and support provides the bedrock upon which strong relationships and pupils’ good qualities are built.


Many pupils arrive in school with additional, complex needs, including special educational needs and/or disabilities or social, emotional or mental health vulnerabilities. Significant efforts are made to identify needs quickly and then provide appropriate support.


Leaders have developed strong relationships with child and adult mental health services, specialist services for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities, early intervention locality workers and children’s social care. As a result, whatever the need and support required, the school will make sure it is provided to pupils and their families.


Targeted small group work or one to one activities ensure that disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve as well as their peers. ARP pupils work in small groups during the morning, which allows very specific and carefully targeted work to be provided to help them overcome barriers to their learning. Consequently, they achieve well from their very low starting points.


Excellent care and support for children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities ensure that they too thrive and can take a full part in all that is on offer in Nursery and Reception.


Mission Statement


Being the best we can be together!


At Grasmere Academy we are proud to provide a safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every member of our community is valued and respected.


Our broad, balanced curriculum and enrichment activities provide opportunities for everyone to achieve and succeed.


We celebrate our achievements, gifts and cultural diversity, irrespective of individual differences within the protected categories of the Equality Act of 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.


Together we take pride in making a positive contribution to our school and the wider community.


Inclusion at Grasmere Academy


Children can experience a range of difficulties – some specific and some more general. Some of the most common difficulties are listed below:

  • Dyslexia / Dyscalculia

  • ADHD / ADD

  • Speech and Language Delays

  • Speech

  • Language and Communication

  • Social, Mental, Emotional Health

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills Delays

  • Visual and hearing impairment











The above flow chart shows the graduated approach we have to identifying and supporting children who may have additional needs.



What support is available?

If you have any concerns about your child, you must speak to your child’s class teacher straight away. Working together with Parents/Carers and other professionals means we can achieve the best possible outcomes for the children in Grasmere Academy. You are always welcome to come into school to meet with Miss Winship if there are any aspects of your child's SEND needs that you wish to discuss or if you would like to find out more about the provision we have to offer including our onsite MLD ARP.

Highlights-LA Review March 2017

  • The high proportion of disadvantaged pupils make good, and often outstanding, progress to diminish difference with their peers.

  • There is a highly inclusive ethos and curriculum.

  • Leaders provide support and advice to other schools, particularly with inclusion.

  • Governors check that those entitled to pupil premium get the best support possible and know that this has resulted in gaps closing.

  • Teaching have accurate understanding of pupils’ different abilities and strengths. Lessons are carefully personalised and often provide differing expectations, resources and exactly meet the learning needs of individual pupils.

  • Teaching Assistants make an important contribution to the good quality of teaching. They ensure that pupils are well focused and therefore make good progress. During the plethora of group and intervention activities that take place each day, Teaching Assistants are often indistinguishable from Teachers because of the training they have received.

  • The Academy ensures that all pupils are fully included, with the transition from whole class teaching to individual support happening seamlessly and at appropriate times.

  • The school works exceptionally well with pupils who have particular behaviour needs.

  • The school has excellent partnerships with outside agencies, which ensures pupils’ needs are met quickly and effectively. Aspects of the school’s work in this area is exemplary and are increasingly used by local partners as examples of best practice.

  • Rates of progress for disadvantaged pupils in all subjects have improved significantly over time because of the focus the Academy places on them. Difference in overall attainment between disadvantaged pupils and others have diminished and are now better than local and national averages.

  • Pupils who have special educational needs or who are disabled make better than expected progress across the school because their needs are well met. Pupils, who attend the additional resourced provision because of their needs, make similarly good progress.

SENDIASS (Special Needs and Disability Information and Support Service)

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) provide advice and information to Young People and Parents/Carers of children with Special Education Needs. They provide impartial and factual support on all aspects of the SEN framework to help Young People and Parents/Carers play an active and informed role in their child's or their own education.


Parents can contact SENDIASS on:

Telephone: 0191 643 8317 and 643 8313
Email: SENDIASS@northtyneside.gov.uk

SEND Information Report 

SEND Policy

Guidance on Managing Medication in Schools

Disability Policy
Accessibility Plan
Zen Den!

The Zen Den provides a low stimulation area for pupils to calm down, or have quiet time away from a busy classroom.  Pupils can use the Zen Den as a means of managing their own behaviour, by requesting time in it when they recognise their stress levels are rising. This can dramatically reduce the incidence of crisis situations.


Each year group can also access a range of activities in the Zen Den each lunchtime as detailed below.

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