Our Curriculum philosophy

At Grasmere Academy, overtime we have carefully crafted a school that embeds a highly inclusive ethos.  We believe that no matter what the stage of development of a child, we will ensure that our children make progress.  Instead of making children ‘fit into’ a school system, we will actively look for ways to see how we can change in order to meet the needs of our children.  We have adopted a motivational and engaging teaching and learning pedagogy, steeped in research and mastery, which reflects how the working world has changed, It is our moral imperative to prepare our community for this. The world we live in requires innovators, problem solvers, critical and creative thinkers and culturally aware citizens. it is our drive to prepare our children for a life unimaginable.


We are proud advocates of a project based learning approach, one that weaves subjects together in order to make learning REAL and authentic for our children. We challenge the view that deep knowledge can be gained from teaching subjects in isolation. Through our integrated curriculum we foster a deep love of learning through curiosity, research, investigations and creativity. Learning is driven by questions and the urge to seek for answers, in the quest to produce beautiful work. It is on the basis that we build the foundations of life long learning.


Before we look at curriculum design, it is important to understand what our school offers on a wider basis, this model is how all the different elements and unique features of Grasmere create the spirit of our school, but how they are so intrinsically linked together to provide a rich learning platform for our children

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Core Curriculum Overview

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Literacy Curriculum Overview

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