Our Vision and Values

What we stand for and believe in - what underpins our core curricculum

Mission Statement

Our school has been on quite a journey and we felt that it was time for us to update our mission statement.  We worked with children, staff and parents to come up with this.  We all believe in it and its what drives every decision we make in the school.


At Grasmere Academy our ethos statement underpins our vision and values…


‘Learn Flourish Achieve’


We believe that all children have the right to learn, and therefore we will nurture them as they flourish, in order to allow everyone to achieve their potential.


We are dedicated to this commitment.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education
British Values and Heritage

At Grasmere Academy we teach a curriculum that is built upon the foundations of an effective learning community.  We pride ourselves in nurturing the whole child and teaching values and morals as the bedrock to building citizens of the future.  We do this discreetly through our PHSE curriculum, but it also threads through the fabric of our school, in how we teach our children, our expectations and the activities we organise.


We believe that a sense of belonging is vital to developing a well rounded child so local and british heritage is taught to our children.


Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning

The Academy also uses the SEAL (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) Programme to underpin the PHSE curriculum and assembly themes are linked to this and the Academy's values.


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