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Who's Who.... Meet the Team!


Our Leadership Team

Mrs Lilico

Head Teacher

Miss Girvan

Early Years Lead 

Acting Deputy Head

Our Early Years Team

Miss Girvan


Miss Charlton


Mrs Waters

Mrs Okukpolar


Mrs Whelan

Mrs Curry

Mrs McIvor

Miss Ritchie


Miss Winship

Mrs Revitt


Miss Witty

Mrs Biggin

Our MLD ARP Team

Miss Rowland

Mrs O'Donnell

TA Dyslexia, Speech and OT Programmes

Mrs Stephenson

Our Office Team
Company Secretary
Domonique Ellis

Admin Assistant

Mrs Harris

Our Breakfast Club Team
Sarah Harkins
Our Caretaker
Peter Hewitt
Sheila Wemyss

Our Cleaning Staff

Phil Sillitoe

Sheila Wemyss

Beverley Sweeney

Our Kitchen Staff

Carol Wombwell

Sharon Brennen

Our Lunchtime Supervisors

Phil Sillitoe

Sarah Harkins