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The internet offers children access to information, communication with their friends and opportunities for exploring the wider world.  Children get a lot of benefit from being online. 

However they should have parental supervision and good advice to make sure their experiences are happy and safe.

Parents and carers need to be aware of problems that can arise, such as bullying and grooming, and know what to do.  Below is some advice and links to webpages that can be used for guidance.


At Grasmere Academy, we encourage children from a young age to learn about the importance of staying safe online, keeping passwords safe and not sharing personal information online.


Websites links:









Digital Leaders:


This is our first year of having Digital Leaders in school and they are a fantastic asset to the school community. We have a group of five digital leaders from Y3/4.  All of the Digital Leaders have visited the Apple Store in Eldon Square for expert hands on training with Apple software and products.


We meet every two weeks on a Monday lunchtime between 12.40pm and 1.00pm, giving up your Monday lunchtime is a key attribute to being a Digital Leader. During the year we work on special projects including creating a promotional video all about Grasmere Academy!