Grasmere Academy has a Governing Body which ensures the school is securing the best possible provision and outcomes for every child. Governors meet regularly to review the school’s progress and to monitor plans for improvement. Governors come from all walks of life bringing their particular skills and experiences to the school.


The Academy also has a Board of Directors representing the academy sponsor: North Tyneside Academy Foundation. The sponsor’s Chief Executive sits on the school Governing Body.  Representatives from North Tyneside Learning Trust also sit on our Governing Body.

Grasmere Academy Governors and Sponsor

A welcome from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the Governor section of the website

Governors come from all walks of life and our Governing Body is no different! We have Headteachers, Scientists, Accountants, Staff, Civil Servants, Self-employed people and most importantly Parents. To be a Governor all you have to do is give up your time to spend in School attending meetings and events. We have a full Governing Body meeting every half term to ensure the Academy runs smoothly, in addition we have Committee meetings to oversee Finance and Staffing matters, Quality, to ensure that all children in the Acadmey progress and achieve their full potential and Ethos to ensure that the spirit and character of the Academy remains intact.

It is a very rewarding role as you see the children flourish, grow and prepare themselves for their next adventure in life.


Lynn Goossens

Chair of Governors

Grasmere Academy Governors 21/22
Members    Type of Governor
David Baldwin     Founding
David Hodgson    Founding


Lynn Goossens        Community
David Richardson     Community
Joanne McKeown    Co-opted
Carole Nunn          Co-opted
Kerry Lilico            Headteacher
Kevin Burns            Local Authority
Louise McCombe     Parent
Hannah Girvan       Staff


Committees List

Finance, Staffing & Premises

David Richardson (Community) Chair

David Hodgson (Founding)

Lynn Goossens (Community)

Kerry Lilico (Headteacher)

Hannah Girvan (Staff)

(NB: Staff Governors to withdraw for pay and appraisal issues)


Joint Quality with SMPS

Lynn Goossens (Community) Chair

David Baldwin (Founding)

Kevin Burns (Local Authority)

Louise McCombe (Parent)

Carole Nunn (Co-opted)

Kerry Lilico (Headteacher)


Ethos and Health & Safety

Hannah Girvan (Staff) Chair

Kerry Lilico (Headteacher)

Carole Nunn (Co-opted)

Joanne McKeown (Co-opted)

New Parent Governor x 2


Performance Management

Lynn Goossens (Community)

David Richardson (Community)

David Hodgson (Founding)


Pupil Discipline

David Hodgson (Founding)

Lynn Goossens (Community)

Plus 1 x Governor


(NB: Headteacher can’t be a member and other members should withdraw if they have an interest to declare)



Lynn Goossens (Community)

David Hodgson (Founding)

Kerry Lilico (Headteacher)


Governors/Headteacher with delegated responsibility for Staff Dismissal

Governors to be drawn from Staffing, Finance & Premises Committee where possible


(NB: Not the Headteacher when he/she is the subject of disciplinary procedures.  Staff Governors can’t be appointed to Staff Dismissal, or Dismissal Appeals Committee)



x 3 Governors selected as and when required, dependent upon availability/no prior knowledge of the specific issue


(NB: Staff Governors can’t be appointed to Staff Dismissal or Dismissal Appeals Committee)